EPA and SWANA work on battery best practices

February 27, 2024

Beginning next month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will host a series of virtual working sessions to address best practices for battery labeling, collection, and recycling. Interested parties can participate by completing this form for more information.

“The final product of these working sessions will be a set of voluntary labeling guidelines for various battery chemistries and types. The voluntary labeling guidelines will be published by 2026,” according to the EPA’s webpage.

This effort is a result of the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. An initial step was a Request for Information on batteries in 2022. In response, the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and three other national solid waste organizations submitted a joint letter citing best practices for safe recycling and labeling of lithium batteries. These organizations have also jointly published a guide for developing lithium battery management practices at material recovery facilities. SWANA has set a goal to address safety in its strategic plan. It specifically includes the need to address lithium-ion batteries, as they are a growing safety risk for workers in the industry.

SWANA will also host a special session on the challenge of fires caused by lithium-ion batteries and a workshop to discuss how SWANA can lead the path forward at its SOAR 2024 conference in Phoenix this April.

Eco Partners has also addressed the safety issue around the dangers of lithium-ion battery fires, and we can help you educate your community about safe battery handling.

Image credit: AlexLMX | iStock | Getty Images Plus