What you can do to reduce marine litter

April 6, 2021

Last week, we shared information about Save Our Seas 2.0, legislation passed last December to reduce marine debris, especially plastic. Here’s what you can do to help!

• Avoid excess packaging whenever possible.

• Opt for reusables, such washable water bottles, coffee and tea mugs, lunch bags and containers, and dishware.

• Empty and rinse plastic bottles, jugs, jars, and containers and then recycle them in your curbside cart or local recycling drop-off center.

• Properly dispose of all waste by placing it in trash bins. Remember that all disposable masks, wipes, gloves, tissues, and paper towels go into the trash.

• Pick up litter promptly along the street in front of your property or when you take a walk or visit a park. Be sure to wear gloves when picking up trash!

• Drop off empty grocery bags and other film plastic in recycling bins at local stores. For locations, visit Plastic Film Recycling.

For more ideas on ways to help protect our oceans, check out the Plastic Soup Foundation and Blue Habits.

Photo credit: BrianAJackson | iStock | Getty Images Plus