Hats off to our waste and recycling workers!

June 18, 2024

Each year during June, there is a national celebration of our Waste and Recycling Workers, the men and women who keep our local neighborhoods safe and clean.

These essential workers are hardworking people who often fly below the radar, quietly and efficiently doing their jobs so that we all can live comfortably.

Our local waste and recycling workers are undeniably essential. From drivers to material sorters, maintenance workers, facility staff, customer support representatives, cleaning staff, and more, these men and women work hard to provide the services we need to keep our communities clean and safe.

Please give them a special thank you for their hard work! If you want some ideas, here are a few to get your started, thanks to inspiration from the Waste and Recycling Workers Week website.

  • Tweet your thanks on Twitter to your local Department of Public Works or Solid Waste Management District.
  • Better yet, give them a call to share your thanks for all their hard work.
  • Have your kids make posters and place them by the waste and recycling cans so they can be seen on pickup day.
  • Take them a snack or a bottle of cold water and a thank you note when your solid waste and recycling workers arrive on your street.

Photo credit: PeopleImages | E+ | Getty Images Plus