Go reuseable with your batteries

December 26, 2023

How many electronic devices arrived in your home over the holidays? How many are battery-powered? Batteries are part of everyday life, powering everything from video game controllers to TV remotes. There are two choices for the new devices (and old ones!) that use regular household batteries: single-use alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Alkaline batteries have been popular for decades. They are convenient, easy to find in many stores, and often have a long shelf life. However, they are designed for one-time use, which means they are discarded after their energy is used up. This is why we call them “dead batteries” when the charge is gone. These batteries need to be replaced regularly, so the cost adds up over time. But there is a greener and more cost-effective choice: rechargeable batteries!

Rechargeable Batteries Are Better

Here are reasons why rechargeable batteries are the better choice for powering your electronic devices.

  • Reusable – When the energy is drained from rechargeable batteries, they can be recharged in a special charging unit or plugged in with a charging cable. They can be used again and again. Many can be charged up to 1,000 times before they need to be replaced.
  • Environmentally Sound – These batteries last longer and are more commonly accepted in retail and other recycling drop-off programs. Because of this, the metals and chemicals needed to make them stay in the system longer, using natural resources more wisely.
  • Convenient Charging – Most rechargeable batteries can be recharged using a simple charger. With today’s fast chargers, it’s easier than ever to keep your rechargeable batteries ready for use.
  • Cost Effective – You spend a little more at the beginning with rechargeable batteries. However, instead of buying new batteries, you just need to replace the electricity. Over time, this costs less.
  • Recyclable – When rechargeable batteries will no longer hold a charge (referred to as “spent”), they can be recycled, but usually not in your curbside bin or at the regular drop-off center. Contact your local solid waste management authority to see if they accept batteries for recycling, or visit Call2Recycle to find a battery recycling location nearby.

The next time you need new batteries for that game controller, remote, or another device, wouldn’t it be nice to have exactly what you need all charged up and ready to go? With rechargeable batteries, you don’t need to make as many trips to the store for new batteries. Keep two sets, so you always have a set to use and another charged and ready. You will keep our planet green, while reducing waste and energy use.

Image credit: Chepko | iStock | Getty Images Plus