Eco Partners plays a huge role in solving one of our greatest challenges…promoting and communicating throughout a seven county region. The publications available to us help us reach our adult residents and assist us in educating our young people. Wouldn’t want to be without this service!


— Aaron Bell, Executive Director, Southeastern Indiana Recycling District

Eighteen years ago when our solid waste district wanted to produce a newsletter as part of our education program, we found that by working with Eco Partners, we could get two quality publications for less time and money than if we tried to do it ourselves. We receive positive feedback from teachers, students, and the public on each issue published.


— Dean Smith, Retired Director, East Central Indiana Solid Waste District

With “One Person’s Trash,” I am confident that the residents are not only reading the material, but waiting for the next issue! The process was simple and the content timely. I would highly recommend “One Person’s Trash” for any jurisdiction looking for a new and fresh approach to public outreach.”


— Debbie Morris, Manager, HF&F Consultants

Thank you so much for the Trash Talk! newspaper. It was so much fun to read. I love the page with games. I hope you can send us another one.”


— Sami, a student from Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District