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Meet Some Helping Ninjas

Twelve-year-old Leo and his little sister Layla from Carmel, Indiana, love to show other kids how to make compost. Compost is made from rotting plant-based materials that have been broken down naturally by bacteria and other microorganisms. Composting can take all the garbage that comes
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Help reduce COVID waste

The COVID pandemic continues to take a toll on people worldwide, especially with the rise of the Delta variant. As a consequence, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks is again commonly recommended. And that means more masks are ending up as litter.
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What are the neighbors doing?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “keeping up with the Jones.” Turns out it is true about our recycling habits, too. At the Indiana Recycling Coalition virtual conference this summer, Kristen Kinder, vice president of research and waste stream sustainability for Wastequip, discussed the disconnect between what people say
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Reuse puts items to good use

Most of us had a parent or grandparent who would often say, “Well, you can still use that—it’s perfectly good.” Or, maybe you are the one who reminds others to keep using things that are “perfectly good.” When you extend the life of an item,
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Celebrate Summer the Green Way!

Summer is time to fire up our barbeques, put on sunscreen, and get out the picnic supplies. Just be sure to stay green while enjoying time with friends and family. It’s easy when you follow a few sustainability tips. When barbequing, remember to safely dispose
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