Wrap Gifts Without Paper!

Think it can’t be done? Think again! Make what you use for wrapping part of the gift. For instance, wrap your gift in a dishtowel, reusable bag, scarf, tablecloth, T-shirt, or pillowcase with reusable ribbon or yarn. One way to do this is to try the Japanese wrapping technique, Furoshiki. There is no need to worry about finding the tape or running out of paper, because you tie fabric around the gift. To learn how to wrap gifts using Furoshiki, check out this video.

You can also place gifts inside containers you already have like cookie tins, flower pots, and baskets. Get really creative and wrap gifts in your own artwork or the Sunday Comics. Or, use recyclables or scraps from around the house, such as aluminum foil, magazine pages, fabric scraps, and cereal boxes. Ribbons and bows can be replaced with dried flowers or hand-cut snowflakes made from reused paper (of course!).

Or you could make “Santa Sacks,” which are cloth drawstring bags that you reuse each year. These range from no-sew options using pillow cases and yarn to custom made ones for each family member, including monograms! Be creative and be green this holiday season!

Photo: Natalia SERDYUK | iStock | Getty Images Plus

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