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Everything, including the holidays, is different this year as we continue to live with COVID-19 in our midst. As you’re deciding what to give your family and friends, consider making a homemade face mask for each person this season. Most of us have been wearing the same ones since spring and could use a fresh mask in our stash. You might even choose a winter-themed or holiday fabric for everyone to wear when you celebrate with those within your “COVID social bubble“!

This would be a great way to reduce the waste of disposable masks, while giving your family and friends a gift they will remember and love. If you want a fabric pattern that works year-round instead of seasonally, you can look for a fabric that fits each person’s interest, favorite sports team, or hobby. Perhaps better yet, use fabric scraps you already have that are left over from previous craft projects!

There is of course the chance that your family and friends have plenty of masks already. If that’s the case, see if there is a charitable group in your community that needs masks to distribute to those they serve. The fabric and craft supply store, Joann, has a campaign called “Create to Give” which originally encouraged making and donating face masks to medical personnel at the start of the pandemic. They met that goal, but are continuing to collect donated masks to help others. Contact your local Joann store for more information and to see if they have this program in your area.

There are many, many YouTube tutorials for mask-making and patterns if you search for them on the Internet. To help you get started, here’s a link to a pattern and instructions from Joann and here’s just one of the YouTube videos with face mask instructions.

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