Paper flood headed your way!

Are you ready? The flood of paper we usually see leading up to the holidays has already begun. Have the catalogs and donation solicitations started to arrive at your home?

If you’re lucky, maybe there will be a card or gift with your name on it! But it can be disappointing when there is a flood of mail and none of it is anything you or your family want. This type of unwanted mail is called “unsolicited” mail — or, as you probably call it, “junk mail.”

Each day, the U.S. Postal Service processes and delivers 181.9 million pieces of mail. That’s a lot of paper! You probably recycle almost all of the paper you don’t want or need. Remember to shred important bank account and similar documents to protect your privacy and keep important account infomation secure. (Check to see if paper shreds can be recycled in your community or if they should go into the trash.) And with the kids at home, remember magazines and catalogs are great for creating a collage or using for other art projects.

It would be even better to slow the flow of the flood of mail into our homes altogether so we have less junk mail in the first place. You can ask to have your name removed from mailing lists by calling or emailing companies directly. You can also switch to email bills and notices instead of print mail. And you can ask your favorite charities to send fewer donation requests per year.

or more details and tips like this, check out Drowning in Holiday Catalogs? and Makover Your Mailbox!, or visit EcoCycle to learn how to stop junk mail in 6 easy steps.

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