Three cheers for our Solid Waste Workers!

Our very essential local waste and recycling workers often put their community’s well-being above their own, but since this spring they truly are going above and beyond to keep our communities safe and clean. From drivers to material sorters, maintenance workers, facility staff, customer support representatives, cleaning staff, and more, these men and women go out into our communities every day to ensure our essential solid waste and recycling services are provided safely and on schedule.

The adjustments that are being made to maintain waste and recycling service during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), while also keeping everyone safe, are made possible by the solid waste employees who come to work and perform their jobs safely.

For months now, these dedicated employees have worked long hours to serve our communities during the crisis, from answering an increased number of phone calls to driving routes with fewer employees. While many of us stay home or work from home, these essential workers must show up to keep our communities clean and sustainable. We think they deserve a special thank you for their hard work!

If you want to show your appreciation for waste and recycling industry employees, not just for the work they are doing during the pandemic but every day, set up “thank you” signs in your yard or windows, write a kind comment on social media, or write an opinion piece for your local newspaper. These hard workers will appreciate your support!

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