Need an easy green cleaner?

One essential way to reduce Household Hazardous Waste and reuse items you have at home is cleaning with everyday products you already have on hand.

Here are some easy recipes for homemade cleaners you can mix up and use today! Try them for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom, oven and windows to start.

Spray Cleaner
• ½ cup Borax
• 1 gallon hot water
Dissolve borax in hot water. Use an old T-shirt to wipe down areas to be cleaned.

Abrasive Cleaner
• Baking soda or Borax
• Juice from ½ lemon
Sprinkle baking soda or bórax, add lemon juice, and then scrub.

Oven Cleaner
• 1 part Castile soap
• 1 part Borax
• 1 part water
Mix ingredients. Apply mixture, and let it set for 20 minutes. Scrub with mixture of baking soda and salt.

Window Cleaner
• 8 parts water
• 1 part vinegar
Mix ingredients. Scrub and wipe with newspaper.

For more ideas, check out Clean and Green or Good Housekeeping’s 13 Amazing Household Cleaners.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Test recipe effectiveness by applying a small amount of product to an area before using.

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