Choose to refuse!

Have you heard of “Plastic Free July”? It began in 2011 as a local initiative in Australia to encourage citizens and businesses to avoid single-use plastics and reduce plastic waste.

From there, the Plastic Free July challenge has grown into a global movement that now engages over 250 million people in more than 170 countries.

According to the organization, those who participate in the “choose to refuse” effort each July are more likely to adopt plastic waste reduction behaviors year-round. Their interactive website encourages visitors to take the plastic-free challenge. Doing so allows you to receive weekly emails with tips and encouragement to reduce your plastic waste. It also includes a “Pesky Plastics Quiz,” stories of how others put the challenge into action, and resources to share to help spread the word about the effort.

The resources are varied and include videos like this one which shows how easy it is to participate, along with media to share on social channels, and posters to share in your public spaces. The “What you can do” landing has helpful information for everyone, from beginners to practiced waste reduction practitioners. It includes how to get started, next steps, and then expands to tips for home, school, work, events, and how to be active in the community.

For more on the challenge, check out Go Plastic Free in July.

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