Make mowing “reel” easy

It’s officially summer and the mowing season is upon us. Are you already tired of running out of gas, dodging the cord on your electric mower, or waiting for a battery to recharge?

You can save money, reduce air pollution, and enjoy the natural music of the outdoors with an environmentally friendly reel mower. (Yes, that old mower you might have seen in your grandparents’ garage!) Reel mowers require a minimal investment and almost no maintenance.

With no engine, reel mowers need only regular greasing of the joints and sharpening of the blades to keep them running smoothly. Reel mowers are much safer than powered mowers because as soon as you stop walking, they stop cutting. Plus, you never have to buy or run out of gas, and you don’t have to pay for electricity to power it.

In addition to those we’ve mentioned, the DIY network, lists 10 reasons to consider a reel mower. These include ease of use, superior cutting ability, economy, fitness (yours!), lower maintenance, easier on the enviromnment, and great for small lawns.

To learn more about reel mowers, read the diy network’s article, Top 10 Reasons to Consider a Reel Mower, search online, or visit your local garden center. Or, just ask your grandparents about the one in their garage!

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