Staying Green during Quarantine

As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaches this month, it joins the list of celebrations and activities that won’t be happening as originally planned this year. A couple weeks ago, we offered an alternative to our annual Trash Talk! Challenge, a fun and free bracket competition we hold annually during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.

We learned it is difficult to replicate some events during social distancing. But we did find out from our always game and intrepid Trash Talk! Travelers, Dean and Karen Smith, that there is a long list of things you can do while social distancing at home. Dean and Karen joined us for our 2020 Trash Talk! Challenge and here are just some of the things they did. We would say they all are “green” activities because they did not involve the use of any fuel for travel, did not generate waste (except perhaps a little from cooking), and included care for the earth! Like all of us these days, they took lots of walks!

  1. Went on nature hikes and walks (Each day included a walk of some kind!)
  2. Looked for wildflowers in a state park
  3. Picked up litter
  4. Repotted house plants
  5. Worked in the yard
  6. Did puzzles and crossword puzzles
  7. Read books
  8. Called family and far-flung friends
  9. Tried a new recipe
  10. Baked bread
  11. Organized a closet
  12. Made a Thanksgiving feast
  13. Sang through a hymnal
  14. Watched movies
  15. Worked on family genealogy
  16. Had a virtual visit with family members
  17. Had a virtual doctor’s appointment
  18. Joined a virtual Sunday school class
  19. Met some friends (while maintaining safe social distancing!) for a chat in a parking lot
  20. Shared a meal by dropping it off to neighbors

What are your “green quarantine” activities? Drop us a note and let us know!

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