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We love working with our clients to produce customized versions of One Person’s Trash and Trash Talk! newsletters to educate and inform their communities about how to use local recycling opportunities and use them properly. But our clients also use local events to “spread the news.” Last month, we were invited to attend one and want to share this great idea.

Southeastern Indiana Recycling District (SEIRD) in Madison, Indiana hosts an annual Media Night. The most recent one was held this past December and is an opportunity for the district to show its appreciation to those who help promote their continuting focus on “recycling right.” It also allows them to educate the media, and in turn their readers and viewers, about the programs offered by the district and the challenges facing recycling, including contamination and the need to prevent it.

“Media Night was born of the idea that we are grateful for what the local print, radio, television, and digital news do to highlight our cause and efforts,” said Mandy Creech, Public Outreach Coordinator for SEIRD. “We wanted to say ‘thank you’ with food, good cheer, and relevant conversations regarding recycling.” Mandy went on to say that they like for the atmosphere to be casual and open so questions can be asked as they arise.

Last month’s event included a guest speaker and a tour of their facilities, along with refreshments. Executive Director, Aaron Bell, is pictured here as he welcomes guests and explains their hardback book recycling efforts, just one program highlighted during a facility tour. This year’s guest speaker was Allyson Mitchell, Executive Director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition. Allyson discussed how current markets are impacting the recycling industry locally and nationwide. She also shared that Indiana is fortunate to have end markets within the state for paper, plastics, glass, metals, and fiber.

Along with providing recycling opportunities at eight recycling centers in its multi-county district, SEIRD has six reuse centers, recycling containers available in locations across the district, recycling pickups for over 50 schools, Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collections, pharmaceutical waste disposal in conjunction with police and sheriff departments, and recycling education opportunities for both youths and adults.

Per Mandy, SEIRD highly recommends hosting an event such as theirs as a way to “pique interest in what is currently relevant” in local solid waste and recycling efforts and to help keep the district and its programs in the minds of local media contacts. “We especially appreciate our publishing partners at Eco Partners attending this event,” said Mandy. “It reinforces how important we view getting the recycling message out to our community and how we rely on Eco Partners to help us do the job.”

Visit our facebook page to access the album of photos from SEIRD’s December 3, 2019 Media Event.

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