Give your holiday tree another life

The holidays brought wonderful memories of gift-giving, warm wishes, holiday music, and family and friends  gathered round the table. We festooned our homes with special decorations and, if our tradition included one, put up a holiday tree! Now, as the season comes to an end, we begin to remove the cheerful trimmings and the lights and pack away all the lovely ornaments. No matter which type of tree you enjoyed this year, it can have new life after the holidays.

If you had a real, cut tree, please check with your local solid waste management district to see if you can recycle it. Trees aren’t recycled in the same way as bottles, papers, and cans. Instead trees are recycled by being ground into useful mulch or composted. Please remove all decorations, lights, and garlands, as well as the stand, before dropping off a tree at a recycling location or placing at the curb.

If you have a living holiday tree attached to a ball of dirt and roots, it can be planted in your yard. Just be sure to give your tree the best chance to thrive by digging a good-sized hole before the ground freezes.

If you have an artificial tree, carefully pack it up for next year. Or, if you’ll be replacing it next year, donate the old tree to a charitable organization. Or, keep the tree to make an extra room in your home merry. You could decorate the extra tree in a fun theme or with special hand-crafted ornaments made from reused items found around the house.

So as we begin to sing Auld Lang Syne and the celebrations come to a close, give the earth ” a cup o’ kindness” by finding a way to give your holiday tree another life.

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