Be like Santa — reuse that bag!

This time of year is full of gift-giving and delicious food! That means we make extra trips to the grocery and other stores to buy all we need to make the holidays special. If everyone uses a new, disposable bag for each trip to the store, it adds up to a lot of bags and a lot of waste!

Please reduce this waste by taking reusable shopping bags with you whenever you shop, and not just at the holidays! If your family doesn’t already use them, or doesn’t use them often, gather all of your reusable shopping bags and have them ready by the door or in the car before you go shopping for party supplies, groceries, and gifts.

If you don’t have reusable bags, find or make some. Search around the house for extra tote bags and used store shopping bags. Or check out this post for how to make your own reusable bags with old T-shirts.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your reusable bags:
• Check out reusable bags at the store or online if you need extras.
• Choose bags you love because they are easy to use and stylish.
• Keep empty bags in each family member’s car so they are always ready when you head to the store.
• Take empty bags right back to the car after you unload your purchases.
• Wash the bags regularly and allow them to dry completely inside and out.
• Clean bags right away if groceries leak or spill.

And of course, Santa wants you to reuse your gift bags, gift wrap, ribbons, and bows, too! Remember what he says, “ere he drove out of sight”:

Happy green and sustainable holidays to all! “and to all a good night!”

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