A Waste-free Wonderland!

We appreciate all “the plans you’ve made” to promote waste-free practices in your community this past year. Thank you for allowing us to work alongside you. We look forward to a new year together!

Now, please hum along with us to the tune of Winter Wonderland as we wish you and yours a happy holiday season~

Elizabeth, Gary, Julanne, Margot, and Leeann

Waste-free Wonderland

Trucks roll by, are you listening?
At the curb, carts are glistening.
A beautiful sight,
We’re happy tonight,
Walking in a waste-free wonderland.

Gone away is the wasting.
Reducing is the new thing.
Reuse and donate.
We’re all feeling great,
Walking in a waste-free wonderland.

In the meadow, we can make some compost,
Using yard waste from all over town.
He’ll ask: Taking food scraps?
We’ll say: Sure, man,
Since in the pile the microbes break them down.

Later on, we will gather.
Behavior change is what we’re after.
To face unafraid,
The plans that we made,
Walking in a waste-free wonderland.

Photo credit: Doloves | iStock / Getty Images Plus

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