Hosting? You need the “Guestimator”!

Whether it’s your first year to host the big holiday gathering for family or friends, or if you’ve been hosting for years, planning for the right amount of food can be tricky. You want enough for everyone, and maybe enough to send home some yummy leftovers, but not so much that any food is wasted.

You need the Guestimator!  Sponsored by Save The Food, the Guestimator is a handy calculator that “estimates how much food you need to keep your guests full and happy!” Because 40 percent of all food in America is wasted, not just at the holidays, but year round, Save the Food offers many helpful tips to prevent wasted food.

To use the Guestimator, you first put in the number of guests you will have and even break them down into the number of small eaters, average eaters, and big eaters. You then put in the number of leftover meals you want to have at the end of your big holiday feast. The next question is about the type of meal you are planning: a classic dinner party, a veggie paradise, or a smorgasbord. From there, you customize and build your menu. The Guestimator uses this information to help determine the amount of food you will need.

So, for all your holiday gatherings, and any future get-togethers you will be hosting, give the Guestimator a try to prevent wasted food.  And while you are on the Save the Food website, explore all the other ideas offered to become what they call a “food waste warrior”!

Save the Food is a campaign of the Natural Resources Defense Council. For more on reducing food waste, check out Eat Well, Waste Less!  and Food Waste Reduced: Check!

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