Get ready to celebrate recycling!

Each year on November 15, we celebrate America Recycles Day, a day which reminds us about the important economic and environmental benefits of recycling. Since the 1980s, the national recycling rate has steadily increased and currently sits just above 34%. In order to continue this upward trend, Keep America Beautiful asks us to annually find new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Recycling is the easiest thing we can do 365 days a year to save energy, conserve natural resources, and create green jobs. Take the pledge for America Recycles Day and commit to taking action. When you pledge this year, consider choosing one item that you’ll recycle more than you have in the past. For example, Americans nationwide recycle more than 65% of paper, but just above 30% of plastic milk jugs. Think about something you might not normally recycle, like cell phones, plastic film, or shampoo bottles, and make an effort to increase your recovery of that item.

Even those of us who are avid recyclers can increase our efforts or add a new material to our regular recycling efforts. So take the pledge and then encourage friends and family members to take the #BeRecycled pledge, too! As the America Recycles Day website says, it’s:

ONE DAY to educate.

ONE DAY to motivate!

ONE DAY to make recycling bigger & better!

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