Going Green, Saying Thanks!

In Eco Partners’ April 2019 newsletter, we asked our readers to share ways they say thanks to the earth. Here are some of their green actions. What are yours?

Catelyn, Recycling Coordinator, Public Works, New Braunfels, TX

To say “thank you!” to Earth, I do my best to reduce, reuse, and recycle every day!  I take my reusable bags to the grocery store. I buy only the food I know I’ll eat. I conserve water and electricity at home and at work. And of course, teaching others how to recycle properly and why it matters is something I do regularly in my job.  Helping others understand their impact is important, including teaching my young son how to take care of the Earth he’ll inherit.

LuAnne, Conservation Education Coordinator, Wayne Co. SWMD, IN

I say thank you to the Earth by composting the plant matter from the many things that grow from the rich soil to help the soils stay rich and fertile! Thank you, Earth!

Sacha, Environmental Educator/ Public Outreach Coordinator, La Porte County Solid Waste District, IN

I say thanks to the earth every time I add to my compost pile, knowing that it is not only helping to keep items out of the landfill but also working its magic, turning into a nutrient-rich fertilizer for me to grow my garden in.

Elisa, Community Outreach Coordinator, Monroe County Solid Waste Management District, IN

I say thank you to the earth by re-wilding my yard, removing invasive species, and planting food and shelter sources for wildlife.

I say thank you to the earth by getting out and enjoying the natural environment.

I say thank you to the earth by being an environmental educator who teaches not only about recycling, but composting, the water cycle, butterflies, frogs, wetlands, envirocircles, and more! Students always ask me excitedly, “What are we going to learn next?!”

I also say thank you to the earth by hopefully, eventually publishing some of the environmental manuscripts I have written.


My kids and I recycle everything we can at home, bring bags and reusable water bottles with us to reduce waste, eat foods that are in season from local sources to reduce transportation impacts, put sweaters on when it’s cold and open windows when it’s hot before using heat or cooling among many other things. There is only one Earth so we need to keep her healthy!


I am happy, carefree, and cycle everywhere.

Thanks to these readers for sharing their green actions. We hope you will try some of these ideas if they are new to you!

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