Happy Compost Week!

Let’s celebrate compost! May 5-11, 2019 is International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW). Started in 1995 in Canada, it’s an annual event to recognize the benefits of composting and compost for effective resource management, soil health, and plant growth.

Each year’s celebration has a theme and for 2019 it’s Cool the Climate – Compost! This year’s theme is to promote “the connection between soil health and climate. By composting, carbon captured by plants from the atmosphere is returned to the soil. In addition, the compost, when returned to the soil, provides resistance to drought and disease, adds nutrients, improves its workability and reduces the release of nitrous oxide,” per the ICAW website.

“The focus of ICAW is to educate the general public about the important benefits of recycling our organic waste into compost,” said Teri Sorg-McManamon, ICAW Committee Chair, in the organization’s media release. “The meaning behind this year’s theme is that there are many ways to help reduce our carbon footprint and reduce climate change — adding compost to the soil is one tool in reducing climate change.”

Ready to celebrate? Start composting if you don’t already, or help a friend get started! For more on how to compost, check out Simple Steps to Composting Success.


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