Hot Topics, Coming Up!

With themes like “Building the Future” and “Navigating Global Conditions,” this year’s solid waste and recycling conferences aim to keep us abreast of the hot topics in solid waste and recycling.

At SWANApalooza in Boston this February, I helped to facilitate a hands-on session led by The Recycling Partnership  which addressed contamination in community recycling program. The workshop presented best practices proven to decrease contamination and increase recycling rates.

In addition to contamination in collected recyclables, other hot topics which will be addressed at upcoming conferences include:

–Marine Litter-The Last Straw?
–Post China Market Development
–Stepping up to the Plate: What Food Recovery Will Really Look Like

No surprise to see that China’s influence on our recycling markets is still a topic for discussion, along with addressing food waste and the plastic straw!  What are the hot topics you want to address? We would be happy to research them and their specific impacts on your solid waste and recycling programs so we can help you educate your community.

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