Post-holiday packaging?

You took advantage of the convenience of online ordering. The gifts were a hit! Now the holidays are over and you’re left with a huge stack of boxes and packing materials.

Before tossing boxes into the recycle bin, consider how you might reuse them instead. Free online marketplaces like Freecycle, Craigslist, or Nextdoor often allow you to connect with neighbors who are moving and need boxes. When efforts at reuse are exhausted, here is what to do with what remains:

Cardboard shipping boxes should be recycled. Please flatten the box before recycling.
Receipts you don’t wish to save can only be recycled if they are printed on regular paper. If the paper is coated or shiny, it is thermal paper and not recyclable. Receipts printed on large stickers are also not accepted. Shred any receipts containing credit card numbers or personal information.
Deflated plastic packing pillows, bubble wrap, and plastic mailing envelopes can be recycled in the same way you would recycle plastic bags and other plastic film. Collect the bags and film in your house and then drop them off for recycling at grocery or department stores that offer recycling bins. To find stores that offer recycling bins. Check here to find a film drop-off recycling location near you. Plastic Film Recycling’s website shows all of the types of plastic bags and films recycling locations will accept.
Packing peanuts are typically made of expanded polystyrene foam and are not accepted for recycling. These are often accepted at your local package shipping store for reuse. Call ahead to make sure they are currently accepting the items you have.

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