About that holiday gift exchange…

It’s the time of year when our workplaces and families are perhaps preparing to host a gift exchange. No matter what you call them, these White Elephant, Secret Santa, Pollyanna, and Yankee Swap exchanges can add cost and stress to the holiday season and often leave the recipient with something he or she didn’t want.

While it may be too late for this year, before the names are put into a hat for 2019, suggest an alternative for next year. How about hosting a potluck and asking each person to share a favorite holiday dish and recipe with the group? Or maybe a cookie exchange would be fun. Instead of putting another item on the “to buy” list and acquiring things you don’t want or need, how about spending that time relaxing, building memories, and getting the recipe for a new holiday dish?

If the holiday swap cannot be avoided, try shopping at a reuse store for a festive glass container and then filling it with a homemade snack mix. Or if you absolutely must purchase something new, shop local!

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