Shop like a recycler!

Reducing and reusing come first, but sometimes you have to shop.

So how exactly would a recycler shop? By buying products that contain recycled materials, of course! Fortunately, shopping for goods that are made from recycled paper, plastic, metal, or glass is easy. These “recycled content” products are made from materials that we have recycled.

Remember to check the package or the tag for the recycling symbol and phrases like “recycled,” “recycled content,” or “post-consumer content.” You can find printer paper, notebooks, binders, pens and pencils, as well as fleece hoodies, jackets and even T-shirts. Plus, some packaging always contains recycled-content, such as cereal boxes and soda and soup cans.

Buying recycled products closes the loop in recycling and builds a demand for more recycling. Buying products made from recycled content saves natural resources and creates jobs.

But also remember, a recycler shops with reuseable bags. Be sure to take one or more with you. And if you can buy something second-hand or used–or even borrow it instead–do that first before shopping for recycled-content products.

Now you are all set to get out there and shop like a recycler!

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