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Eco Partners is excited to announce that our president, Elizabeth Roe, was recognized at WASTECON with a SWANA Professional Achievement Award. Elizabeth serves as a Young Professional Mentor and was nominated by her mentee, Catelyn Scholwinski. Here’s Catelyn’s nomination letter.

Dedicated ambassador. That’s what comes to mind when I think of Elizabeth Roe.

Ms. Elizabeth Roe has worked for over 25 years in the solid waste industry doing one of the jobs that is somewhat of an endless task: education. Her company Eco Partners helps communities learn how to be better recyclers, informed waste generators, and stewards of our environment. Her work is invaluable to communities that lack the funding or skills to create informative and professional newsletters. She is a passionate, helpful, and willing participant on the quest to bring solid waste issues to the front-of-mind of residents and draw back the curtain of the waste and recycling industry. Each of Ms. Roe’s clients gets specialized content that suits their community, in large part due to Elizabeth’s focused time and attention to each one. Ms. Roe is a master of her craft, juggling many clients, and yet, giving enthusiastic energy to each community and its circumstances. She is the face of Eco Partners, and the customer service she provides in that role is exemplary.

The newsletters produced by Ms. Roe and her team at Eco Partners are expertly produced, arranged, translated and printed. There is also a newsletter version for young students that includes activities and games, making learning about waste more palatable and fun. Articles and information created by Ms. Roe and her staff demonstrate a commitment to the solid waste industry and a connection with its issues and advancements.

Recently, I have had the pleasure of being Ms. Roe’s mentee and she is a wonderful mentor. She gives her time frequently and her dedication was evident as she coached me on career direction and professional development, as well as personal goals. She is invested in her mentoring efforts and freely provided useful insight into the solid waste industry and the role of communication methods in it. She is my treasured role model, as a professional woman, industry pioneer, and small business owner.

Ms. Roe has been involved with SWANA since the late 1990s and an individual member since 2010. After becoming President of her firm, Ms. Roe signed up all her employees as SWANA members, as she saw the tremendous value that being a SWANA member has for her personally.

Ms. Roe is a member of several state recycling organizations, including Indiana Recycling Coalition, Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts, Carolina Recycling Association, and California Resource Recovery Association. On the communications side, Ms. Roe is a member of the National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC), the Social Marketing Association of North America, the International Environmental Communication Association, and the National Association of Environmental Educators.

Ms. Roe has served as the Vice Director and Director of SWANA’s Communication, Education & Marketing Technical Division and currently serves in its Past Director leadership position. Ms. Roe has led sessions on communications planning and messaging across media channels for the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts, the Solid Waste Association of North America, the Illinois Recycling Association, and the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling. She brings knowledge and trends from other organizations to SWANA and shares this much-needed information and skills with her colleagues in the solid waste industry.

As her SWANA profile states: “For nearly three decades, Elizabeth Roe has been helping public agencies and private companies communicate with the public about recycling, waste reduction, water pollution prevention, sustainability and more. Ms. Roe has led sessions on communications planning and messaging across media channels at state, regional and national conferences. Ms. Roe’s firm is devoted to providing high-quality, cost-effective customized local newsletters designed with residents in mind. In addition, Eco Partners has produced many other types of print communications, as well as online companions.”

Ms. Roe is a constant advocate for SWANA and the opportunities that it provides its members. She assisted in the development of the Zero Waste Principles and Practices certification course that SWANA now offers. She is an advocate for her CEM technical division, encouraging others to join and make connections. In a past technical division newsletter, she wrote: “The CEM Technical Division brings a unique perspective to the table and our voice is needed. The success of all of our programs depends on our ability to communicate them. Without educating residents, staff, elected officials, and other stakeholders, good ideas are just that – ideas. Education moves our program ideas through the steps from awareness to action. And even within SWANA, our marketing skills bring a creative spark to conversations about events and so much more.”

She is even quoted on the SWANA CEM website:

My membership in the Communication, Education & Marketing (CEM) gives me the opportunity to meet my peers and to learn from and with them. Together, we can discuss what works, what doesn’t, and how to improve. We all have a limited amount of time and a limited number of resources. By sharing information and connecting with our peers, we can be sure that we are putting both time and money to good use.                                                                                                 — Elizabeth Roe, CEM Vice Director

Photo courtesy of SWANA. Pictured, l to r: Frank Caponi, Elizabeth Roe, and David Biderman.

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