A clean city benefits everyone!

Help keep your neighborhood clean and your city healthy — for your family, for the environment, for the economy, for the community, and for future generations.

For your family’s good health
Maintain a clean home, yard, and city. Rats, mosquitoes, and cockroaches love to live in wet, garbage-filled areas. Many of these pests can also carry and spread diseases. If homes, yards, and public spaces are kept clean and maintained, there is no place for these pests to live. This means fewer illnesses for our loved ones.

Do not dump trash into rivers, streams, or lakes. Polluted waterways can be another source of disease. It is unhealthy to swim in or eat fish from contaminated waters. Let’s keep them clean so we can enjoy them!

Teach good lifestyle habits. Healthy people tend to be happier, live longer, and miss less work or school.

For the health of the environment
Do not throw litter in your yard, in streets, or in public places. Please use trash cans or recycling totes.

Think about what happens to your trash. Garbage thrown on the ground does not simply disappear. If not disposed of properly, trash eventually contaminates the soil and water. Healthy soil and water are needed for growing food and clean drinking water.

Respect future generations. If we destroy nature’s beauty, we rob future generations of the opportunity to experience the natural world that we enjoy now.

For the well-being of your community
Be a good citizen. Graffiti, litter, and illegal dumping destroy the beauty of our communities. It is our responsibility to throw trash in its proper place and teach our children to care for our environment.

Remember that strong communities attract tourism and jobs. Tourists and businesses are attracted to clean, healthy cities with people who care about where they live. Attracting tourism and new businesses is important to the local community, creating more employment opportunities and higher-paying jobs.

Your local solid waste management department offers ongoing collection and holds special events throughout the year which allow residents to properly dispose of waste in your community. They will be happy to help you discover safe and affordable options for disposing of your unwanted items. Contact them today!

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