Thank Your Waste Collector!

Did you know that recycling and waste collection are two of the most hazardous jobs in America? And yet, men and women dedicate themselves to these professions to make our communities clean and safe. Often, these hard workers don’t receive the recognition they deserve, but you can remedy that!

John D. Arwood, CEO of Arwood Waste in Florida, “invites the nation to celebrate trash collectors, dumpster haulers, sewage workers, street cleaners and just about anyone who does the dirty jobs that we would rather not do ourselves.” Arwood founded “National Garbage Man Day” on June 17, 2011 and declared an annual week-long time celebration which is now in its eight year.

The website promoting National Garbage Man Day explains the history of waste collection, the importance of the work the local men and women do who help keep our neighborhoods clean, and ideas to celebrate them. The ways to celebrate include a coloring book for kids, a downloadable thank you note to attach to your waste container next week,  or better yet, meet your collector at the curb with cookies and a bottle of ice water and hand him or her the note! And of course, you can always create your own sign or thank you note. These are just ideas to get your started.

Arwood has posted a brief, 3-minute “History of the Garbage Man” video on YouTube. Be sure to check it out and visit the website for even more information about this important industry and its dedicated employees. The celebration takes place the whole week of June 17, so be sure to thank your waste collector soon–and often!

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