This year’s summer blockbuster isn’t the only place to learn about superheros. There’s a new “avenger” and he is fighting for best solid waste practices!

“Mr. Eco” (otherwise known as Brett Edwards) is “an environmental rap superhero who believes that monumental changes begin with the youngest members of society,” according to his website. Combining his passion for sustainability and hip-hop, Edwards created an “EcoHero” show to reach elementary students.

Mr. Eco is joined by “Ms. Eco” and “EcoHero Gabe.” Altogether, they have performed for over 330,000 students and visited over 600 schools in 5 countries! Wearing a bright yellow t-shirt and flowing green cape, these eco avengers make a big impact on students. In a testimonial on the EcoHero website, Josh Olins, a first grade teacher in Maine said, the EcoHero “has done more to inspire and motivate the students and staff at my school in his one day visit than any single event over the last 10 years.”

Mr. Eco’s message can be accessed by everyone through his YouTube videos, social media, and website. The site also has fun downloads including a word search and crossword puzzle.

If you are a Star Wars fan, be sure to watch the EcoHero’s “Straw Wars” video.

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