Don’t let summer go to “waste”!

School will soon be out and summer is a great time for families to reduce waste in fun and new ways!

First, remember to keep practicing the basics—reduce, reuse, and recycle. Find new ways to reduce your waste—eat more fruits and vegetables with compostable scraps and use fewer packaged snacks. Reuse what you already have—pack lunches for work or summer camp in washable containers. Recycle everything you can.

Summer can also be a great time to plant a garden or start your family’s compost pile. Grow some food or flowers and then compost the garden waste with grass clippings, leaves, and fruit and vegetable scraps. This year’s garden waste can be next year’s nutrient-rich, soil-building compost.

While kids are out of school, there is more time for hobbies and things your family loves to do. Use some of that time to make crafts from recyclables! Make your own recycled paper from leftover school paper scraps, create a bird feeder from a leftover milk carton, or cut some toilet paper rolls to make fun stamps! A quick search on the Internet yeilds lots of craft ideas you can try.

If you or the kids clean a room or clear out a closet, be sure to give away the outgrown or unworn clothes, books already read, and games and toys no longer enjoyed. The things you no longer want or need could be just the treasure someone else is searching for!

When it comes to litter in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to deal with it. Make it into a game with your family and friends! See who can pick up the most litter in a certain amount of time. Just make sure you are careful. Wear gloves and have only adult’s pick up sharp objects. Once everyone has counted up or weighed their litter and the “waste winner” is announced, make sure to recycle what you can and put the rest into a trash can.

Don’t let this summer go to “waste”! Keep up reducing, reusing, and recycling habits in the warm weather and have fun at it, too!

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