Save a t-shirt! Make a T-bag!

Put your old t-shirt(s) to good use! Make a T-bag!

Here is a fun project for kids (or adults) to make at home or school! Turn a t-Shirt you don’t use anymore into a free, reusable bag that can be used for school, sports, or shopping.

To begin, cut off the sleeves and trim around the neck of the T-shirt. Along the bottom, cut fringe (pieces that are 1 inch wide and 3 inches long). Turn the shirt inside out. Knot the fringe across the bottom. Turn the shirt right side out, and decorate your bag if you’d like. That’s how easy it is to save a t-shirt!

For additional instructions watch this video and to see a similar process that uses a bottom seam instead of knotted fringe, check out this web site.

Photo credit:  Jitalia17 | E+ | Getty Images

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