Crafty paper reuse

Are you a crafter looking for a fun weekend project to pass a cold or snowy winter afternoon or weekend? Or are you looking for a craft for kids?

You don’t need to buy fancy and expensive art paper to make crafts, such as jewelry, gifts, or party favors. You can use paper you already have in your house — magazines, shopping bags, candy wrappers, paper towel tubes, wallpaper scraps, and more. There are more ideas online than you can complete in a lifetime! Search for “how to use waste paper creatively,” and you will get thousands of results in seconds.

For ideas on using magazines and newspaper in everything from home décor to cleaning hacks, check out Expert Home Tips for “37 NEW ways to use OLD magazines and newspapers.

If you are interested in fun crafts to make with kids, try Felt Magnet’s “59 Amazing Crafts Using Newspaper.”

Want something more advanced, like a paper bowl or basket? Check out ecoideaz “10 Ways to Re-use Waste Paper.”

So, start your “search” engines and get busy!

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