7 Paper Recycling Hacks

Look around your home or workplace. Check the trash cans and recycling bins. What do you see? Probably a lot of paper! In 2016, 67.2% of paper and cardboard products were recycled. While that recycling rate is very good, the American Forest and Paper Association has set a goal of 70% recycling by 2020.

We can do more to help meet that goal! Here are seven  simple recycling hacks to improve your paper and cardboard recycling efforts at home and at work:

  1. Place a basket, bag, or box near the chair where you read magazines or newspapers. When you and your family are done reading, recycle.
  2. As you sort and open your mail, set aside the envelopes and unwanted mail. When you are done sorting, recycle that stack of unneeded paper.
  3. Use both sides of printer paper. Some printers make it simple to make double-sided copies. If you have that feature, use it. If you don’t, save paper that only has printing on one side and use it to print drafts or scribble notes. When you have used both sides of each sheet, then recycle it.
  4. Don’t forget about unneeded folders and old homework papers. You can recycle those, too!
  5. Recover your boxes: cracker, cereal, and other food boxes (remove and discard plastic liners); tissue boxes; shoes boxes; gift boxes; and corrugated shipping boxes. Be sure your boxes are clean and contain NO food or grease. That means your pizza box should go into the trash — not the recycling!
  6. Capture and recycle the empty paper tubes that once held wrapping paper, toilet paper, or paper towels.
  7. Learn more about paper recycling.

And, as always, check with your local solid waste program to learn about paper recycling specifics in your community.

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