Wrap Without Paper!

Think it can’t be done? Think again!

Before you grab a roll of Christmas wrapping paper, make the wrapping part of the gift. Giving something small, like an ornament? Wrap it up in some warm mittens. Giving fun kitchen gadgets? Wrap them in a dishtowel. Giving a lovely necklace or earrings? Wrap them in a scarf. Other good “wraps” are a tablecloth, T-shirt, pillowcase, or reusable bag. Tie it all off with reusable ribbon or yarn.

You can also place gifts inside reusable containers like cookie tins, flower pots, and baskets. Get really creative and wrap gifts in your own artwork. Ribbons and bows can also be replaced with dried flowers or hand-cut snowflakes made from reused paper (of course!).

Once you start to think of reusable wraps, you’ll come up with more clever ideas on your own. And not just for Christmas gifts, but for gift-giving all year long!

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