The change of seasons can cause us to look into the closet and think, “I want something new.” However, “new” doesn’t have to mean “brand-new,” instead it could mean “new-to-you.” Often what we want is just something different — buying secondhand is a way to save money while practicing reuse.

There are an abundance of thrift and consignment stores where you can find a wide variety of reusable household items and clothing. Whether you are looking for unique recycled attire, books, movies, or dishes, or you want to donate or sell items that you no longer need, search for local shops and services like these:

Thrift Stores & Donation Centers
Donation Pickup Services
Thrift & Consignment Stores

Check online for nearby Goodwill or other thrift stores at The Thrift Shopper. Stop by garage sales in your neighborhood. Host a clothes-swap with your friends. For more ideas, read Wear.Donate.Recycle. and 9 Tips for Summertime Shopping.

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