When is an apple not an apple?

The answer is simple — an apple is never just an apple! It’s also the land it grew on, the water it needed to grow, the fertilizer fed to the tree, and all of the energy and oil needed to transport it from the orchard to the warehouse and the store and then to your house.

One of the most shocking things about wasted food is all of the natural resources that also go to waste. The United Nations estimates that it takes 2.5 billion acres of land just to grow the food that humans throw away. With 50 million hungry people on the planet, that’s even harder to accept. It takes almost 3.5 gallons of water to grow a single tomato. Yet, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans throw out a third of the fresh tomatoes they buy.

By wasting less food, we help conserve the natural resources that would have gone into growing and processing it. That seems like a good idea!

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