Pack a green suitcase!

If you are traveling this summer, it’s a good idea to consider packing a greener suitcase. Start with two goals: to reduce waste and limit weight, both of which will save energy, trim emissions, and simplify your trip. Checking the weather forecast at your destination, planning ahead, and packing from a list will all help you achieve these goals.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

• Tuck a travel mug or refillable water bottle into your bag.
• Pack snacks, like nuts, dried fruit, and granola bars, in washable containers. For a road trip, load a small cooler or insulated lunch bag with fruits and vegetables.
• Fold up a reusable shopping bag (or two) and slip it into a side pocket.
• Fill your own travel-sized toiletry bottles—that way, you’ll have your favorite shampoo every time!
• Choose clothes that you can mix and match. Pick two pairs of shoes that go with everything. Remember a light jacket or sweater.
• Multi-task with your tablet or smartphone. Download books, magazines, music, movies, and travel guides. And don’t forget your charger!

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