Conference Connections!

Ahhh…summer! It’s time for cool drinks, dips in the pool, vacations, and conferences!

We just dived into our first summer conference, the Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference this week in Indianapolis, June 12-14. We are eager to hear what the speakers have to say about topics such as:

• Sustainable Packaging Leadership in a Circular Economy,
• “Repurposing”: A New Frontier in Landfill Diversion, and
• National Industry and Policy Trends – Impacts of elections, markets, and more!

We always come away from conferences with up-to-date information to share with our clients and readers. And speaking of clients, we enjoy the opportunity to meet with them at conferences, too!

Summer is also a good time to assess how you educate your community about your solid waste management practices as you prepare for next year. So attend a conference and contact Eco Partners. We can help you develop a plan to keep your residents informed.

Dive in and keep recycling all summer long!

Pictured, left to right: Summer Intern Vic Roe, Marketing Communications Manager Julanne Sausser, President Elizabeth Roe, and Operations Support Gary Roe.

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