It’s a treasure hunt!

Do you love the thrill of the hunt that comes from shopping at garage sales? The season is in full swing, so make sure you take home a true bargain and not something that ends up in your own sale a few weeks later. Here are a few tips to make your “treasure” hunt a success!

• Make a list of things you need or are looking to buy secondhand.
• Match your list with garage sale ads. (For instance, if you are looking for games, plan to stop at sales that list “games and toys.”)
• Go green in your transportation! Map out the yard sales on a route and try to walk or bike to them if you can.
• Start early.
• Take plenty of change and one and five dollar bills.
• Once you start to shop, check carefully for hard-to-see tears, stains, and broken parts.
• Go ahead and ask for a cheaper price or ask to group your wanted items together for one price.

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