Earth Day lessons from Young Actors

On the eve of Earth Day, the Young Actors Theatre in Indianapolis produced the play A Line in the Land. The play was inspired by William Lamson’s video art, A Line Describing the Sun.

The post-apocalyptic play was not only performed by middle and high school students, but it was also written by them. The play, along with the education guide which supplements it, offers hope in the face of despair and imparts important lessons for all ages.

In the play, spirits from the past (Henry David Thoreau, George Washington Carver, and Rachel Carson, among them) visit one of the characters. They embolden her, encouraging her to experiment, to learn, to take chances, and, most of all, to believe that the impossible just might be possible.

Theater-goers left inspired and hopeful after the performance. The teens’ work provided a reminder of the power of working together, learning together, and teaching together–a perfect message for Earth Day!

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