Ready to boost your workplace recycling?

Looking for ways to expand your eco-friendly habits at the office? With Earth Day just a couple weeks away, this is a great time to improve all your “green” habits and boost your workplace recycling.

Offering each employee a desk-side recycling bin with a smaller trash bin can increase office recycling by 20% according to the 2015 “Recycling at Work” study commissioned by Keep America Beautiful. The study, which compared several different methods of workplace recycling including equal-sized trash and recycling bins and recycling bins only, set out to discover the best practices to increase workplace recycling.

The little trash bins not only helped employees recycle more, but also improved the quality of the recycling by reducing contamination from non-recyclables by 20%. Keeping recyclables out of the trash and trash out of the recycling are key to reducing landfill waste and improving the efficiency of recycling programs.

Here are 10 more tips to help you get started:

  1. Identify recycling champions and enlist their help.
  2. Assess how your workplace currently handles trash and recyclables.
  3. Create a written plan that includes specific goals, such as recycling new materials or improving recycling rates.
  4. Make sure the people responsible for emptying recycling and trash bins understand and embrace the plan. Address their concerns about how the changes will affect their work.
  5. Clearly mark all of your recycling and waste containers so people know where to put trash and where to put recyclables.
  6. Use appropriately sized bins for your goals. For example, if you know 75% of your waste could be recycled, make the container for recyclables bigger than the one for trash.
  7. Avoid contamination of recyclables by locating waste and recycling bins together.
  8. Convenience is key to successful recycling. Think about making recycling as easy as possible when you decide where to place your bins, how big they should be, how often they will be emptied, and so on.
  9. Make it fun. Encourage coworkers to recycle with a contest or other incentives.
  10. Celebrate your success. Be prepared to measure your progress and congratulate your staff for their efforts.

No need to reinvent the wheel! For additional tips, find all you need to boost your workplace recycling here.

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