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Re-Creating Home: Downsizing and De-Cluttering After 50, by Fran Scoville and Holley Ulbrich, explores a life transition most of us face sooner or later — downsizing. Downsizing presents us with many opportunities. Reducing expenses, responsibilities, and environmental impact are just a few of the potential benefits.

Whether it is due to an empty nest, retirement, or changing health, most people will need to re-evaluate their living arrangements at some point after age 50. In most cases for those choosing to move, the new space will be smaller and de-cluttering is part of the process. Even those who decide to age in place can gain new appreciation for their existing space through de-cluttering.

This book is part teacher and part coach. While the authors provide plenty of ideas on how to accomplish this transition, they also provide you with tools to get the job done. This includes getting rid of things as diverse as family heirlooms and hazardous waste. The process is broken into manageable stages which correspond to sections of the book: vision, commitment, de-cluttering, choosing, transitioning, and settling in. Within those sections, each chapter ends with a homework assignment to keep the reader’s decision process moving along. Special attention is given to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your own character and that of your spouse.

At 152 pages, this book doesn’t clutter your time. A quick read, beginning to end, it gives you a feel for the subject and provides a nice overview. For anyone approaching this stage of life, it is an excellent workbook to make the most of the process.

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