This Old Outreach: Renovate Your Communications!

Just like Bob Vila opened the world of home improvement to millions of Americans in his television show This Old House, Eco Partners president Elizabeth Roe and Emily Coven of Recyclist will help attendees improve and update solid waste communication practices in This Old Outreach: Renovate Your Recycling Communications With Surprisingly Easy Do-It-Yourself Tips From the Pros with a session at The Road to Zero Waste Conference during SWANApalooza next month in Reno, Nevada.

Elizabeth and Emily will share simple tricks of the trade to improve recycling communications with minimal time and effort. We all know that residents and businesses need better education about local recycling programs — it’s the one thing that research has shown time and time again to be the single most effective driver of program participation — and yet doing effective outreach always seems like a daunting and time-consuming task at the end of an ever-growing to-do list.

This session will provide a complete toolbox of ideas that can be implemented now, in almost no time, and yet will make a substantial difference in outcomes. Drawing on their combined expertise in print media (newsletters, flyers) and digital media (web, email, social media), Elizabeth and Emily will show — not tell — what works across different communications channels. For each recommendation, they will:

  1. explain the reasoning and research behind it,
  2. show examples of how they and others have implemented it, and
  3. provide the tools and information needed to do it yourself.

The session will also walk participants through the common pitfalls that Do-It-Yourselfers run into when communicating with residents and businesses. It will even offer a brief primer on copyright law, which enables a lot more reuse of other’s content than might seem doable!

The Road to Zero Waste is long and winding, and many of the sessions at this conference will inspire you with big ideas that you’ll be looking to put into action in the next year… or two… or ten. But for the instant-gratification seekers out there, this is a practical nuts-and-bolts session that will arm you with some key communication tools and strategies that you can put into action today, and immediately start traveling that Road, with your community alongside you! Register here.

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