Second hand, but new to you!

Here’s another example of an article and accompanying artwork from a recent edition of Trash Talk!, our newsletter for students. It is packed with educational activities and local waste reduction and recycling information. A teacher guide accompanies each newsletter. 

Here are some things that you and your family can do to improve our planet and reduce pollution:

Reduce the amount of waste you create by buying less. If you have something that works, don’t replace it. When you do need something, look for a recycled-content product or a gently used item.

Reuse what you have by finding new uses for your stuff. Or, trade something you have with a friend — you’ll both have something “new to you”!

And then, recycle at school, at home, and on the go! If you go on a spring break trip, be sure to look for recycling containers at rest areas, in airports, and where you are staying.

Don’t forget that electronics can be recycled. Computers, printers, TVs, DVD players, cell phones, and iPods/MP3 players don’t belong in the trash. Find old electronics that you no longer use and “e-cycle” them.

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