Worth the wait, not the waste (part 3)

And now the happy conclusion of our holiday serial! (In case you missed them, read part 1 and part 2.) After finding not a scrap or morsel for their winter’s nap, Luna the owl tells the barnyard animals what the farm family did with their party wastes.

Luna explained. “The people were very careful to plan well so that there wouldn’t be waste from their party. They fixed the right amount of food, then sent all of the leftovers with their guests. They used their own dishes and eating utensils so that there would be no paper plates to throw away. They saved any gift wrap or bags from packages to be reused or recycled. Most of the people gave each other promises of fun adventures as gifts. For example, the grandmother gave the girl a promise of a day of cookie baking and a movie later this month. They want to protect our earth and creatures like you!”

Mouse, Squirrel, Raccoon, and Cardinal thanked Luna for the information before leaving the barn sadly. Yet, when they reached the back of the barn, they saw a beautiful scene. While the critters had been awaiting the feast that seemed not to have happened, the children had prepared a gift and a feast just for them!

The small fir tree at the rear of the barn stood decorated from top to bottom. Strings of berries and popcorn hung round and round. Pinecones covered in peanut butter and dunked in birdseed hung from the branches. Dried apples and oranges filled in the rest. Bows made of raffia, perfect for nest building, added color near the top. The wait had been worth it after all!

Wishing you and yours a holiday full of celebrations, but not waste!

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