Worth the wait, not the waste (part 2)

Join us for part 2 of our holiday serial about the barnyard animals and the farm family celebrating in the barn. (in case you missed it, here’s Part 1.) The animals are hoping for lots of scraps and leftovers now that the party is over. What do they find? Read on!

Not a single morsel was to be found! No crumbs, no berries, no nuts, no forgotten, messy paper plates in the trash can, not even a forgotten cookie lay on the floor. There were no wads of crumpled wrapping paper or empty boxes to snuggle in or to use for nest building. The barn was warm, but where was the feast? Where were the hoped-for cozy beds?

Squirrel said angrily, “All of that waiting! For nothing! Now I have to go out and find food tomorrow with hardly any sleep!”

Cardinal began a worried whistle; Raccoon began running round and round in circles out of frustration, and, so as not to be left out of the misery. Mouse joined in by shrieking a long chorus of squeaks. They had become a hubbub of crazy critters until an angry, eerie hoooooooot floated down from the barn’s rafters.

“Whooooo is upsetting my babies?” The small animals on the barn floor were shocked into silence. “I have just hatched my owlets, and I’m about to go out and find food. If you don’t simmer down, I might have to make you our meal!”

Squirrel explained how they had all waited patiently under the shrub in the cold for their chance to feast and relax with the people’s wasted food and party garbage, finishing, “And they left nothing behind for us!”

Oh goodness, what’s to become of the barn’s inhabitants? Did the farm family’s good waste management practices leave the animals out in the cold? Find out next week in the conclusion of our holiday tale!

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