Have a Waste Free Kitchen!

Maybe you’re ready to reduce your food waste but aren’t sure where to start. Or perhaps  you never thought about food waste but want to know why your milk is expiring so quickly.

Dana Gunders’ book, Waste Free Kitchen Handbook: a Guide to Eating Well and Saving Money by Wasting Less Food, is the perfect guide to storing food and shopping smart so that you can save money and waste less on food. Easy to read and search through, the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook can tell you how much food to make per person, what a sample meal plan looks like, and how to turn that old cabbage into Easter egg dye.

Curious about compost? That section not only tells you how to start, but also what’s happening in your compost pile while you’re away. The back of the book is an entire directory of foods, explaining how to store them, when they’re the freshest, and what parts you can eat safely. Gunders, a Natural Resources Defense Council staff scientist, even includes 20 recipes that use whatever is left in your fridge or ingredients that often go bad.

Armed with the Waste Free Kitchen Handbook, you’re ready to create a zero waste kitchen!

Photo courtesy of Dana Gunders

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