GameDay Recycling Challenge

As you root for your favorite college football team this fall, you might also want to root for that college to win the 2016 GameDay Recycling Challenge. The GameDay Recycling Challenge is a competition among colleges and universities across the country to collect and divert the most recyclables, food scraps, and other waste during a home football game.

In 2015, the 99 colleges and universities that participated in the GameDay Recycling Challenge kept 1,045 tons of recyclables and 229 tons of organics out of landfills over the course of 231 games. Schools and students are stepping up their game this year with more hype and volunteers.

Any college or university in the United States with a football program can participate. Schools register online by October 19 and then measure the amount of waste produced and collected during at least one home game. Once the materials are collected and measured, the schools report results by December 5.

The GameDay Recycling Challenge is one of many efforts to increase recycling in sports venues. Almost all items disposed of at sports venues come from the venue itself, including food, cups, bottles, trays, and more, giving these stadiums an excellent chance to reduce the amount sent to landfills.

With an increased presence of recycling and compost bins comes the necessity to educate fans. Programs such as the GameDay Recycling Challenge offer an opportunity to explain to fans how they can recycle and compost. Signage and messaging on products sold at the venue explain what items can be recycled and where. Social media increases the visibility of recycling programs and, of course, makes it fun to share “caught recycling” images.

What to know more? Check out the 2016 GameDay Recycling Challenge online, or visit its facebook page and Twitter feed. The winners will be announced in mid-December.

Photo courtesy of GameDay Recycling Challenge.

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