Mow and munch!

Soon our lawns will be coverend in not just grass, but also leaves! You can multi-task by “munching” your leaves as you mow. Just mow over them, chopping them into small bits, and let them stay on the grass. These shredded leaves will help to control weeds and provide your soil with winter nutrients that lead to a beautiful lawn next spring. And don’t worry about seeing brown on your green lawn–the little bits of leaves quickly disappear into the grass.

Or, once that big tree produces a lot of leaves, rake them or pick them up with a bagging mower. Leaves can then be used as mulch in gardens or added to the compost bin.

Just be sure to mulch or remove the leaves in some way. According to Mother Nature Network, “Leaves that are not removed from your lawn block sunlight and air from reaching the grass. The problem becomes worse when it rains or there are early snows that turn fluffy layers of leaves into soggy mats. The lack of light and air circulation can cause turf diseases or, in a worst-case scenario, may even smother the grass and kill it.:

So go ahead and multi-task: mow and munch your lawn!

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